Our owners, Steve and Phillip Authier, are third and fourth generation contractors. They’ve worked in the customer service driven industry for a combined 55 years… read more

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When our founders started IntegriMark they made a commitment that giving back to our community would be an integral part of who we are. We do that by volunteering and donating time, material, and funds to local charities, minor sports, and other local community initiatives… read more



If it has to do with remodelling or renovating your home, we likely do it. We have professionals that provide the services you need for your home improvement projects.


Adding additional living space to your home by finishing your basement not only increases the real estate value of your home, it creates immeasurable value for you and your family… read more


If you’re looking for that extra living space your answer could very well be to build an addition… read more


Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, or a host of other services, we’ve got you covered… read more


We’re an insured, licenced, and bonded professional renovation and re-modelling contractor you can trust. We have a focus on quality that’s driven by our commitment to customer satisfaction…read more.



There may be some business sectors where matching the lowest price is often in the best interest of the company and the customer, especially ones where they sell multiple products. That’s not the case with the renovation and remodelling industry. Our position is that matching the lowest quote can sometimes be a bad thing. In those cases we won’t do it… read more

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We wanted to update from the builder paint in our house. I work in the customer service industry so I have high standards when it comes to a client-first experience. IntegriMark did not disappoint. They exceeded our expectations. The house looks amazing. This is the first time we’ve ever experienced guests in our home raving about our paint job. These days it’s hard to find companies you can trust and who deliver on a promise of quality work. IntegriMark lived up to their name.

Thanks guys.

Scott C. , Hamilton
I’m so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship in IntegriMark’s work. They pay attention to detail as if each job were in their own homes. Their name is true to who they are as people and as professionals.
Bill D., Hamilton
They provide quality workmanship and ability to deliver a finished product that would make any homeowner proud to say, “We hired IntegriMark”. A company you can trust to quote fair prices and provide excellent service.
Sil. F., Hamilton
A tip of the hat to you guys for the craftsmanship into completing a full basement, from top to bottom. The quality of your work is outstanding. Anyone can trust the work to be completed at the highest levels of quality.
Joanne A., Burlington
When it comes to home renovations, I’m very demanding on quality and workmanship. I’ve known Steve Authier, the co-founder of IntegriMark, for decades. I’ve witnessed numerous elaborate home renovation projects he’s undertaken. I assure you that the inclusion of integrity in the company name is not a fluke, it’s earned. With IntegriMark pride and quality workmanship is a guaranteed deliverable.
Marc L., Scarborough
IntegriMark have a good eye for important details that create professional results. They’re reliable and honest. They clearly take their commitments seriously. I have no doubts about their word being their bond.
Michael N., Hamilton
IntegriMark finished my basement after a flood. They’re a company with integrity, and they’re trustworthy. They made sure everything was done safely and to code. It was re-assuring to know that I could count on them to come through with a strong work ethic resulting in a superior job. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I definitely recommend IntegriMark to anyone.
Lana V, Hamilton
What I love about IntegriMark is that these guys give you their all. Whether it’s painting, drywall, wainscoting, or installing hardwood floors, you can count on a job well done with outstanding quality workmanship. The way they operate lets you rest assured it’s done right and you’ll be proud to show off your home to family and friends.
Manon L, Hamilton