We’re an insured and licenced professional renovation and re-modelling contractor you can trust. We have a focus on quality that’s driven by our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We’re an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau, and we’ve met the highest standards established by the West End Home Builders Association, and we’re privileged to be part of the RenoMark™ program setting us apart from the competition. It’s the renovation industry’s mark of excellence.

We’re honoured to have obtained the prestigious Baeumler Approved designation. Bryan Baeumler is Canada’s leading DIY expert with multiple shows on HGTV and DIY TV.


A major Canadian bank’s research discovered that 80% of homeowners in the market for renovations and remodelling do not trust contractors.

We know that there are many good contractors out there. Along with them, we’re committed to reversing this trend by standing behind our workmanship and our contract. We’re accountable to you. We know mistakes can happen. If they do, we’ll make things right. We’ll be there.

We chose the word integrity to part of our name because integrity matters to us. When we sign our contract with you, we’re making a bond that gives you confidence you can trust.


Anyone can claim quality. There are degrees of quality. Our objective is to maintain a supreme level of quality. The excellent quality of our workmanship and material matters to us because we know it matters to you—our customer. We’re not interested in cutting corners to save a few dollars. We’re interested in making our corners square and doing every job right so we can deliver a finished project that will exceed your expectations. We want our quality to make you proud of your home.


From the moment you contact us to talk about your project to the moment we complete it, our aim is to ensure you’re satisfaction level exceeds your expectations. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Every member of our team understands our objective to make sure you’re more than satisfied. We maintain a strong level of communication at every step of the project. We’re committed to being there for you, delivering a project that’s on time and completed as agreed to with the highest levels of quality and workmanship. Customer service matters to us, because we know it’s a critical element that allows us to ensure we fulfil our commitment to providing customer satisfaction.