Why finish your basement?

Adding additional living space to your home by finishing your basement not only increases the real estate value of your home, it creates immeasurable value for you and your family. Whether you’re looking to add an in-law suite, an extended living area for teens or young adults, adding a rental apartment, or simply creating that lounge area for your big screen TV, we’ve got you covered. Our experts will help you design the dream living space you’re looking for.

What’s the process involved in getting an estimate?

We start with a phone conversation about your project to learn more about what you’re considering doing. We give you a rough estimate of what it might cost. We do this because for many the cost of a renovation is unknown. For example, a person might think finishing their basement might cost in the $20,000 range, when in reality their particular basement is more likely in the $40,000 range. It’s important for homeowners to have a good expectation of the relative cost for finishing a basement.

If the rough costs fits within the homeowner’s budget, we come to their home to do a free estimate. We take measurements and determine the details of what they want. We then prepare an estimate which provides all the details of the cost involved. Transparency is important to us.

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What’s the next step if the homeowner wants to move forward with a contract?

We determine a start date. Sign the detailed contract, collect the first deposit, and begin the permit process.

We can take care of the permit or the homeowner can take care of the permit, with our assistance, if they want to save significant money. The saving is because a homeowner does not have to supply a BCIN Certified drawing, as a contractor we must provide a certified drawing when applying for a permit. A homeowner can apply with their own homemade drawing.

Finish Basement
Finished Basement

What if a contractor says we don’t need a permit to finish our basement?

It’s true not every renovation project needs a permit. If you’re simply doing something like replacing kitchen cabinets without any electrical, plumbing, or structural work you can do those types of projects. But if your kitchen reno requires a load bearing wall to be taken down, or some major plumbing or electrical changes you’re going to need a permit.

If your basement reno is going to require any major electrical or plumbing work (things bigger than changing a light fixture or a faucet), if it requires any heating and ventilation changes, if it requires major structural changes to your house, like removing a load bearing wall or framing, you’re going to need a permit.

You can learn more about why you should get a permit and other tips in our blog post Five Red Flags When Hiring a Contractor

Can I get help with the design of our basement?

Absolutely! Our team has decades of experience finishing basements. We’d be happy to work with you to create a design that meets your needs.

How long will it take to finish my basement?

There are various factors that impact the length of a basement project. A smaller basement, in the 600 to 700 square feet range, without a bathroom typically takes five to six weeks for completion. A large basement, 700 to 1,100 square feet, with a three-piece bathroom, a kitchen, fireplace, and bedrooms typically take ten to twelve weeks.

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We warranty our workmanship for five years from completion of your project. Material warranty is based on the manufacturers’ warranty.


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