Why build an addition?

If you’re looking for that extra living space, but you’re not wanting to move to find it, your answer could very well be to build an addition. Why move when you love your home and it makes financial sense to stay where you are?

Whether the addition is for a bathroom, a family room, a kitchen, or bedrooms let us partner with you to build that one or two-story addition that will make all the difference by providing that much needed space

What’s the process involved in getting an estimate?

We start with a phone conversation about your project to learn more about what you’re considering doing. We give you a rough estimate of what it might cost. We do this because for many the cost of an addition is unknown. For example, a person might think building a small addition for a bathroom and family room might cost in the $40,000 range, when in reality their particular bathroom and family room addition is more likely in the $150,000 range. It’s important for homeowners to have a good expectation of the relative cost of building an addition.

If the rough costs fit within the homeowner’s budget, we come to their home to do a free estimate. We take measurements and determine the details of what they want. We then prepare an estimate which provides all the details of the cost involved. Transparency is important to us.

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What’s the next step if the homeowner wants to move forward with a contract?

We determine a start date. Sign the detailed contract, collect the first deposit, and begin the design and permit process. Our project management team along with our architect and engineer team will work with you to create the addition that meets your needs.

Build an Addition

Full House Build – During Construction and Finished Project.

Build an Addition

How long will it take to build my addition?

There are various factors that impact the length of an addition build. A smaller addition, in the 200 square feet range, without a basement could be typically takes eight to ten weeks, a larger addition, 600 square feet range, with perhaps two stories and a basement can typically take twelve to sixteen weeks. Larger additions can take longer.

We warranty our workmanship for five years from completion of your project. Material warranty is based on the manufacturers’ warranty.