Why remove a load-bearing wall?

The removal of a load-bearing wall creates either a larger room such as a bathroom or kitchen, or it opens up a space, such as removing a wall between a kitchen and a living room. Today’s architectural designs are all about opening up space. Long gone are the days of separate kitchens or a living room with a family room next to it. Whether you’re removing a load-bearing wall to improve the resale value or chances of a sale, or whether you’re wanting to create this open or expanded room for your own enjoyment, removing a load-bearing is an important change that we as a professional and licenced contractors can help you with.

Does it really matter who takes out the wall, as long as it’s supported?

Far too often we hear horror stories about homeowners removing load-bearing walls or having them removed by a contractor or handyman who doesn’t get the replacement beam or LVL properly engineered and certified. A licenced contractor who gets the proper engineering and permit completed, along with their years of experience, is your wisest choice for structural work.

What’s the process involved in getting an estimate?

We start with a phone conversation about your structural project to learn more about what you’re considering doing. We give you a rough estimate of what it might cost. We do this because for many the cost of a removing a load-bearing wall is unknown. For example, a person might think removing a load-bearing wall between their kitchen and living room might cost in the $3,000 range, when in reality their particular load-bearing wall removal is more likely in the $12,000 range. It’s important for homeowners to have a good expectation of the relative cost for removing a load-bearing wall. Of all the renovation work completed in a home structural work is one of the least understood, yet most important work that can be done by a homeowner.

If the rough costs fit within the homeowner’s budget, we come to their home to do a free estimate. We take measurements and determine the details of what they want. We then prepare an estimate which provides all the details of the cost involved. Transparency is important to us.

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Structural Changes

What’s the next step if the homeowner wants to move forward with a contract?

We determine a start date. Sign the detailed contract, collect the first deposit, and begin the design and permit process.

How long will it take to remove a load-bearing wall?

The removal of a load-bearing wall is seldom done in isolation. It’s usually part of a bigger project such as a kitchen or major remodeling of a house. However, in the odd case where it’s a stand-alone project, the removal of a load-bearing wall typically takes two to three weeks.

We warranty our workmanship for five years from completion of your project. Material warranty is based on the manufacturers’ warranty.