Supporting the local arts community is important to all our lives.

When we founded Integrimark we made a commitment that giving back to the community was an integral part of who we were, that is would always be part of our DNA.  We’ve done so my donating our time to various local causes, by supporting local sustainable affordable housing initiatives by financially supporting Habitat for Humanity and Indwell. We’ve also supported local youth sports by sponsoring teams and local rink sponsorships.

The pandemic caused us to reflect on the impact it had on the arts community. Local artists who earn their livings in large part with live performances suddenly found themselves questioning the viability of doing what they loved. Community groups like The Westdale Theatre found their revenue drying up as well with the loss of in person attendance.

It was a recent performance by local singer-songwriter Jacob Moon as part of The Wesdale’s “Hamilton Originals” live series that encouraged us to consider giving back to Hamilton’s arts community. Local artists make a major contribution to the fabric of our communities. Their impact on our community can’t be measured. The importance of a community-based cinematic, cultural and economic hub, like The Westdale Theatre, plays a critical role in the City of Hamilton and the surrounding region.

We realized we can be part of a couple of great opportunities to give back. We now support  local artist, Jacob Moon,  and local community group, The Westdale Theatre, a registered charity.

We became monthly supporters for both. You can consider doing the same at Jacob Moon’s support page of his website. You can support The Westdale Theatre at their site’s donate page.

Perhaps supporting one of these two members of Hamilton’s arts community might be something you’ll consider. Perhaps there are other ways you already support our arts community-great. Perhaps there’s another artist or community arts group you’ll consider supporting.

The arts community is important to all of us. We thank those in the arts community for all they contribute to the betterment of our daily lives.

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