We’re proud of our team. We have highly skilled carpenters that understand our vision to be a leading residential renovation company in the Greater Hamilton Area.

We’re looking for skilled carpenters.

If you happen to be one and would love to be part of a team that treats each other with respect, that is deeply valued by the ownership group, and understands what quality workmanship and customer service is, we’d love to hear from you.

You can apply to our Carpenter Job Posting on Indeed or send us your resume directly to info@integrimark.ca

TRUST QUALITY SATISFACTION are not merely three words that make up our tagline. They’re at the core of who we are as a company.

Far too often the bottom line is all that matters to a company. We want to be sustainable, so, we’re not denying that money is important. However, what is much more important to us is creating a great team and being contributing members of our community. We want to provide an excellent product with superior service all the while providing a great place to work for our team. We encourage all of our team members to live a balanced life that incorporates mental and physical health with time for friends and family.

We understand the significant growth that is taking place in Ontario in the next few decades. We’re a visionary company that is positioning itself to be part of that growth, either by adding additional living space to existing homes or by building new homes.

We’re looking for carpenters who will help turn that vision into reality.

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