Winning the Renovator of the Year two years in a row is a Really Big Deal for us.

Last year we wrote about what it meant for Integrimark to have our co-owner and co-founder, Phil Authier, win the Renovator Member of the Year at the Presidents’ Gala for the Hamilton home builders’ association, known as the West End Home Builders’ Association (WE HBA). But now to have Phil win the award for a second year in a row, we’re blown away.

Our team is proud of the visionary leadership Phil provides for Integrimark. We’re also proud of the contribution he is making to our community at large and in particular WE HBA. This association is important to help create a healthy and vibrant renovation and builder industry. It helps keep its members accountable and is a gathering of like-minded professionals who support and encourage each other. An outsider might think such an association, made up in large part by competitors, might be not be a great place for peer support. That’s not the case. The mindset in this association is more along the classic, a rising tide raises all ships mentality.

Phil was given this award because he understands the importance of WE HBA to the health of our industry. The membership sees his passion for the group and the Hamilton community.

When Phil was called up to receive the award for a second year it brought a sense of pride to the Integrimark team. We’re committed to being part of raising the tide in the industry. We’re very much aware of the contractors in the industry who can sometimes tarnish the renovation industry’s reputation. We’re grateful for our fellow members in WE HBA who are committed to excellence and accountability to all the homeowners who put their trust in us.

So, was it a big deal, for us, to have Phil receive this award?


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